Applying for Financial Aid?

Applying for financial aid is a multi–step process. Our web pages provide information you will need to know to successfully apply for financial aid and complete the process.

Important Links:

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Financial Aid Services Videos: Click on the Financial Aid TV久久99热只有频精品6,日本高清2018字幕,手机看片日韩国产秒拍,在线看的性视频网站,CL最新地址,在线欧美 精品,清浦新闻中心 icon to get short video answers to general questions about the financial aid application process, eligibility requirements, and information on federal programs.

Online: Information about Valencia’s financial aid programs, as well as copies of all required forms can be found on this website. Simply use the navigation bar and drop downs on the top of this page.

Atlas Online: All admitted students are assigned an Atlas account accessible at Access to your confidential financial aid status can be obtained from your Valencia Atlas account. Log into Atlas using your PIN. Click on the Student Tab, then click on Financial Aid found under STUDENT RESOURCES, then click on My Financial Aid.

In Person: Financial aid advising and discussions about individual circumstances are provided through in - person confidential visits. Visit the Answer Center / First Stop Center on your campus. The Answer Center / First Stop Center is open Monday through Thursday from 8AM until 6PM and on Friday from 9AM until 5PM. 

To find your Expected Family Contribution (EFC), please visit the official and check under the appropriate academic year.

Pell Grant Calculator 2019-2020